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Sr. Simon sent me a picture of a baby boy before my first visit to Haiti Kkottongnae in 2017. The three-month-old boy had a round face and curly hair. In the photo, he was holding Sr. Simon’s finger, gazing up at her with beautiful dark eyes. His name was Julien. During my visit, I never once saw him crying. He would lie in bed quietly and suck his thumb like he didn’t want to bother anyone. Whenever I made eye contact with him, he smiled a beautiful infectious smile at me. Julien was born with deformed legs. His legs were covered in a cast from hip to toe, and he was regularly taken to the hospital to change the cast.   I met Julien again a year later on my second trip to Haiti. He had grown a lot but still had the same dark curly hair and infectious smile. He could now sit and crawl by himself. His legs were no longer in a cast but folded under him, as if he was sitting cross-legged all the time. It was amazing to watch this little boy sit and crawl with his folded, crossed legs, pushing his body with both arms as he crawled across the floor. When I gently patted his bottom, being filled with such pride for him and his accomplishment, he turned his face back to me and smiled widely.    Often, when I had finished my daily tasks, I would visit House of the Angels in the afternoon to see how Julien was doing. I would take Lestin, Keffi, and Julien for a walk around the village, carrying Julien in my arms and following Lestin and Keffi most of time. Julien was always so curious about the chickens in the yard and could not take his eyes off them as they pecked seeds and grain off the ground. Yet he was scared of a few-weeks-old puppy.  Julien was also a good eater. He would eat a bowl of corn soup and drink a full bottle of milk. One day, while returning to Kkottongnae after we dropped Lestin off at his school, I realized that Julien would grow up and soon go to school too. Br. John made a habit of teaching Korean words to Kkottongnae children whenever they were walking together, and once I heard Br. John say “Eom-ma”, which means mother or mom. Julien was abandoned by his own mother but was accepted by the missionaries of Kkottongnae and was now growing under the care of the Kkottongnae family.  The day I left Kkottongnae, I spent the morning walking around the village with Julien. I picked a purple flower from a flower bush and put it behind his ear. He pulled the flower from behind his ear and turned it over and over in his hands with his little fingers. Sr. Matthias said that Julien will be able to walk when he undergoes a special surgery. Just like Lestin was able to walk after a surgery. I pray to God to help Julien grow in His love. That he might love this world that God has created, and love God and grow into a beautiful person. I send my prayers to heaven every day, hoping and believing that they will come back down to this world and fall softly upon Julien with the love of God.


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