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테마가 있는 하루

Dying Jesus on the road

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Dying Jesus on the road   We were returning from the cemetery when we saw a crowd of people gathered at the side of the road. Trucks, cars, and motor cycles slowed, causing traffic to scarcely trickle by the chaotic scene. Fr. Thaddaeus knew immediately that there had been an accident. From a short distance away, we could see a broken and twisted motorcycle lying just beyond the crowd. It looked bad. “They’ve probably already passed away,” said Fr. Thaddeus quietly. As we passed them by the commotion, I saw a man lying on his stomach, showing no apparent signs of life. Then then I saw his back rise slightly—almost imperceptibly, but definitely rising and falling.      “He is breathing!” I yelled. “He is still alive!” Father Thaddaeus abruptly pulled the truck to the side of the road, and we quickly got out and ran to the man. He was young, probably in twenties. Thick blood puddled around his head and leg. The left leg was broken into pieces and a fragment of bone stuck out through his calf. He was unconscious, but breathing heavily and slowly. We had nothing with us that we could use to help him—no bandages, no medical equipment.  And he was clearly dying. I stood there next to him, frantically trying to figure out how I could help him. Father Thaddaeus called for someone to bring a cloth. Then he called the police and the EMT. Moments later, an observer returned with a thin white sheet and tossed it to me. We opened the sheet and, laying it next to him, rolled the young man onto it. Then we carried him off the road and into a small alleyway. There I turned his head to one side to keep his airway open, and I waited for the sound of a siren, an ambulance coming to save his life. But the sound never came, and neither the police nor the EMT responded to our calls. Unfortunately, this was no surprise and an all-too-common occurrence in Haiti. Someone dies on the road and people simply watch it happen, standing there doing nothing to help. When the dying person’s life finally ends, his body is left on display, lying on the road. He will soon be forgotten by all and will likely end up as food for pigs on the road. God mad us in His image. And I do not believe He would want this to be the final image of a person’s life. While the young man lay there dying, the surrounding crowd crept closer and closer. I felt terribly upset that they now looked upon this sorrowful scene as if they were watching an impressive show of fireworks. So I began to push the onlookers back, yelling, “Step back, you people! Give us some space.” Then a man from the crowd talked to me in English. “His brother’s here.” Fr. Thaddaeus told the man that we would transport his injured brother to the hospital ourselves. So we again gripped the sheet corners to carry him to the back of the truck. As we did, the sheet, soaking by blood, ripped and the young man’s head dropped through the hole. We placed his head back on the sheet and grabbed it more tightly. Almost at the same time we got the young man into the truck, Sr. Matthias arrived with some gloves and bandages. She had left immediately after receiving the call from Fr. Thaddaeus. As the truck began to move, I wrapped the injured man’s broken leg with bandages. I knew that it would do nothing. It would not stop him from dying. I knew he was going to die soon. But we had to do what we could for him while he was still alive. Brother Peter prayed for him with his hand on the man’s chest. Then he said urgently “Baptism! We have to give him an emergency baptism before he dies!” But there was no time—we could not stop the truck for even a moment. So Sr. Matthias poured water onto his forehead right there in the back of the truck and baptized the young man. He received a new name ‘Joseph’. Joseph stopped breathing about five minutes after receiving the sacrament. By the time we arrived at the hospital, his heart had stopped pumping blood to his body. We left Joseph and his brother with the medical staff in the hospital. His blood was on our hands, and a heavy sorrow began to fill our hearts. Sometimes death bursts into our lives without warning and takes everything away. Just as it took Joseph’s life away on that busy road in Haiti. The Kkottongnae congregation always runs to those people who are dying alone, living on the street, abandoned by their families or communities. The congregation responds to their voices as if responding to the call of Jesus. They are becoming love so they can give more love to those who are in need.


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